Hey there! Are you an entrepreneur who’s overwhelmed with the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape? Or a small business owner without an in-house digital marketing professional but trying to effectively implement digital marketing?

Welcome to my blog. Here I’ll share digital marketing tactics, tips, trends and tools to support your efforts to create and engage in meaningful communications that aid your business goals.

As a certified digital marketing practitioner with 10+ years’ experience, I have worked with a diverse range of clients: local and regional, B2B and B2C, private, public and in the non-profit sector.

I  am happy to share information to improve your visibility, effectively manage your customer acquisitions and a consistent brand voice across multiple platforms.  Also, I am all about results, so I will focus on how your digital marketing efforts should tie into your organizational goals and objectives. And how to integrate paid, owned and earned media with success.

I am an eternal optimist and food enthusiast who is passionate about entrepreneurship.

This blog aims to :

  • Inform – provide actionable digital marketing tips to support your business growth
  • Highlight helpful books
  • Share recipes that I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I do.

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